Hi I’m Daniel but my friends call me Hippy Dave.

I used to work in the City in a high powered financial sector job, until I left about five years ago, to enjoy a more subdued life here in the Yorkshire countryside. My nickname Hippy Dave came about because my boss always used to call me Dave rather than Daniel, even though I corrected him numerous times. And when I left the financial world for a simple life my colleagues coined the moniker Hippy Dave.

So now my life is easy going with my lovely wife who is anything but easy going. Many of my days are spent relaxing after all I earned it, one of my main joys is playing with my Xbox, I was never big into computer games when growing up so I am making up for it now.

I have also started to turn my hand to gardening which so far hasn’t been very productive, but I have no gardening experience and it’s all a learning curve. My other hobbies include photography and socialising down my local and I occasionally join the local pool team, depending on how desperate they are!

Finally my major love in life is my beloved Leeds United. I have been a fan since I was a nipper and try to go to a fair few games. I have been a loyal fan even through the most turbulent times, which has been hard! Hopefully in the near future we will see Leeds United back up in the premier league where they belong.

Anyway that’s enough about me, you will find out plenty more, reading my blog and please feel free to contact me or comment on what I post, I love a bit of banter!

Leeds Utd Logo Res Hippy