A blast from a holiday past!

I came across a news article today about a survey of holiday home guest’s bad behaviour and it got me thinking about the time when me and my friends went on John’s stag do in Portugal.

We had booked a villa for the weekend just outside Lisbon and turned up at the holiday agent’s office to pick up the key. The girl behind the desk said that the villa wasn’t ready as they had had a hen group staying during the week and they had left it in a mess, but there was a team of cleaners cleaning it up as we spoke.

Understandably a bit peeved off that the villa wasn’t ready we decided to head to one of the local watering holes for a quick drink. That drink turned into a 4 hour drinking session until we were able to get the key and we stumbled down the road with our cases in tow to the villa.

No sooner than we had opened the door, the stag (John) decided that he wasn’t feeling too good and was sick on the floor. Not a big deal you say, although he had been drinking Vodka and Red Bull all afternoon and decided to choose a nice looking white rug to be sick on.

One of our more sober friends started to clean the mess up, but it soon became apparent that the Red Bull wasn’t going to go in a hurry. The next day we headed to the hypermarket and along with a healthy supply of alcohol and snacks we also bought some cleaning products, Marigold’s and some scrubbers.

Again we tried to remove the now dry Red Bull from the rug to no avail. We even made it into a drinking game where whoever lost had to scrub the rug for 5 minutes (as well as having a penalty drink).

The weekend came and went, and it was time to check out. We admitted that we’d stained the rug to the receptionist and headed home. We didn’t think anything of it for a month or so until the best man (James) got a bill for a new rug in the post. €80 wasn’t too bad between seven of us and we still laugh about that holiday today; John however, has not touched a drop of Red Bull since, lol.

All this talk about holidays has got me thinking about this years; we’re heading to the US to drive Route 66.

Have you got any funny holiday stories? Tell us below.

Vodka and Red Bull

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