This is how to sell your old car!

Struggling to sell your old car? Well Sydney ad man David Johns has come up with the perfect solution, make a professional video and website.

The vehicle in questions is a 15 year old Holden Barina XL (basically a re-branded Vauxhall Corsa), with over 188,000 km on the clock and dents in every panel, but thanks to his ingenious advert has attracted bids of more than a$2,000 (approximately £1,100).

His YouTube page says, “I’m trying to sell my awesome little car,

“It’s a 1999 Holden Barina. It’s not in great condition, but it’s still a fun little car. Tweet me an offer using the hashtag #buymybarina. I’ve also set up a little site for it

Check out the video:

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The task of the weekend – Washing a Car

Washing car by handIt’s one of those jobs, you can’t quite be arsed to do, like DIY, but you know it needs doing. Washing a car isn’t the most fun job but it needs to be done. I don’t like using car washes and the hand wash services offered by the dodgy Eastern Europeans near us doesn’t really do a good job, not for the price. So I do actually have to clean my own car.

This weekend I had the choice of going shopping with the wife or staying at home and doing something ‘productive’ (what she said) so after she told me playing and completing a game on the Xbox wasn’t productive, I thought I best clean my car.

To be fair it wasn’t filthy per say rather just covered in dead bugs and a bit too much blood at the bottom (hit a small animal) from the many road trips we took this summer. Anyway here are some of my tips for washing the car:

– Always rinse of the dust and dirt, never wipe it off with a dry cloth, it will scratch your car. If you have access to a hose you can use this, if not a watering can will suffice, even if it does take longer.

– Use lukewarm water rather than hot, and use a sponge or cotton cloth to clean the car. For the alloys I use an old dish brush as it gets in between my spokes.

– Use a gentle car shampoo made specifically for cars, do not use household detergent it can be abrasive.

– Follow the contour of the car rather than cleaning in circles to avoid circular webby scratches. Don’t press down too hard either and always rinse your cloth to avoid scratches.

– Dry off with a microfiber mitt, like this one. I find them much better to use, I always used a chamois leather, but I found the mitts to be so much better and they also can be washed. I find they last longer and are more affordable.

I do like to take pride in my car, I should bloody cost me a fortune it’s just sometimes it’s hard to be arsed to clean it!! Although still beats going shopping with the wife.

Image courtesy of Vic


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Finally Some Sensible Driving Fines

HA0527 - Lifestyle images of elderly couple going on holiday with a caravan. May 2010Today, drivers will probably find themselves on the wrong end of a fine or an increased fine for driving offences. Some new fines are been brought in and how much fines are to pay are being increased. The new fines will be a godsend for drivers like me who get infuriated by stupid and inconsiderate drivers on the motorway. Those who are spotted by police tailgating and lane-hogging face on-the-spot fines of £100 and given 3 penalty points.

Hopefully as fines and points are doled out, Police will be sensible about it and not use it as a cash raising opportunity. Although there will be the option of arguing your case in court if you feel your fine was unfairly issued. However I do feel that maybe there should be some more awareness, after all I have only come across these changes on news sites, advertising would be better so people know they have to change the way they drive, because it is no longer deemed acceptable. Otherwise more will be caught out (although I suspect that might be the idea).

Those drivers caught will have the opportunity to attend a drivers awareness course, so for first time offences, this will be better option than a fine and points. It gives someone the chance to learn from their mistakes and where they are going wrong.

Personally I think drivers who drive with no insurance should get biggest fines, then those without tax, because lets face it, unless you are driving a really polluting car then tax is not massively expensive and it needs to be cheaper than a fine to ensure people pay it. There is no need to use a mobile phone whilst driving in this day and age and considering it’s a distraction the fine should be bigger than £100 which is what it will now rise to. Some dangerous speeding offences also need to be fine heavily as do those who are driving without a licence.

Image courtesy of David Townend

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No Win No Fee

When I see those adverts on TV they do grate on me. Once over if something bad happened to you, you would have to lump it, if you were lucky and someone was found negligent they may face time. But not now, now you are entitled to money. The only reason I mention this is that the other day as the wife was driving to her mother’s (in the rain) she hit a massive pot hole. Now we have all done that but unfortunately it’s knackered up her front axil and her neck.

Now the neck she is living with, mainly because of pain killers but she is annoyed at having to get the car fixed as she wants to sell it and this added pain is costing her money. So I thought after seeing these no win no fee ads that maybe we should try and get the cost back from the council. Anyway I sent a letter off this morning to them stating the damage, where she hit the pot hole, plus I went out in the rain and took a picture, showing how deep it is and how it’s hard to see when it’s wet.

I’m hoping they will just send us a cheque and we don’t have to involve a company to take it on. But I got me thinking, all the time you see in the news about jobs worth councils putting the damper on events citing health and safety and all the rest yet they can’t apply that to fixing pot holes. They are dangerous; in the rain you can’t always see them nor gage how deep they are especially when concentrating on other things such as driving safely. Their rules only seem to apply when wanting to extract money out of businesses or spoiling the public’s fun.

It reminds me when I once went to help out a mate building a conservatory. He had his own business, which was just him. Sometimes he needed help so would employ mates on a cash in hand basis. Back then it was before all this health and safety malarkey and it was a bit of a make do and mend situation with tools oh and there was no safety equipment either. His general rule was you’re a bit of a pussy if you need a hard hat.

Anyway now I would imagine he would be fined left, right and centre, plus picked up by HMRC. Good job he moved to Spain 10 years ago, building houses without planning permission for old British expats. Did I mention what a great guy he was, with such great morals, no ha!

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Tips on Cleaning your Car

After been out last weekend up and down the motorway and dust country roads my car is a bit of a mess, plus add to that birds use it as their toilet it could do with a good clean. For a change we have had good weather so this morning I got out in the sunshine and gave it a good clean.
Unfortunately after shampooing my car I realised I didn’t have any wax (it’s been a while since I cleaned it so I had forgotten I had run out). So I scoured the internet on tips to what else I could use (shampoo BTW).


So if like me you forgot to buy ore wax or are tight fisted, then shampoo is a good substitute as it leaves a nice shine and also repels rain. However I doubt it has the same protective qualities as car wax.

Fizzy pop

Apparently fizzy pop is good to get rid of the dry grime and residue built up when it’s dry which causes streaks. All you have to do is put a towel across the bottom of screen to protect your car then pour over the glass. The pop will fizz away all the dirt. Just make sure you wash off the fizzy pop thoroughly.

Window Cleaner

You can use window cleaner to polish your lights. Ideal if your car like mine has a lot of glass covering the lights. Squirt and give it a good rub (Ssh… those with dirty minds).

Window wipers

You can use a solution to keep your wiper blades clean. Mix 1/4 cup household ammonia to 1 quart cold water and wipe your blades with a cloth soaked in the solution (gloves are needed). Then wipe them with a clean cloth to dry. You can also use the same solution on your windscreen to, if you don’t want to use the pop.

Don’t air dry

Always use a cloth or chamois to dry your car rather than let it air dry, otherwise you will get water marks left and any dust around could dry on it.


My own personal tip; I find using an old washing up brush is best for cleaning wheels, it can get right into the alloys and easy to get the grime off before blasting with the hose.

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Poor bank holiday weekend

Unfortunately the rain kept coming this bank holiday weekend, so the wife and I decided to sort out our paperwork and get our finances in order. I have recently been on a bit of a spending spree so keeping on top of all that wasn’t easy and in the mist of my new car and buying a garden room we just about forgot about the wife’s car and the fact that it needed a MOT, taxing and insuring again for another year.

I’m not too chuffed at having to pay out for the missus car, so will be looking to get a cheap MOT test after all the plan was to get a new one before all this stuff came up, but we just forgot. So once her car is sorted and our finances are sorted then it will be time to go car shopping again, although there is not much chance of me spending as much money on a new car for her as I did for myself!

I was hoping to do some work in the garden but the fact that it kept pissing it down yesterday and that I had a stinking hangover rather put me off, so instead spent the afternoon slobbing out on the sofa, watching football and playing the Xbox, not bad really.

Well with Leeds season now over and a loss for our final game our position and GD really sums up how dire this season has been. Mediocre really from players and manager but nothing a good influx of cash wouldn’t have helped. Unless something changes next season then I fear we will be looking at similar dismal results if not worse.

Also its going to be a bit of a close call for the Premier League both Manc teams level on points only Citeh are ahead on goal difference will laugh if they win just by goal difference cause that will be really annoying for Manure tee hee!

Rainy picture courtesy of Daniel R. Blume

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