Poor football results

Well as I write this post Leeds have just lost against Southampton, it wasn’t much of a game really we had a couple of shots but nothing came of them I just wish we had got a point at least, however as Southampton are sat at the top of the table I can’t really complain. I hope we can make it into the play offs but I highly doubt it, as I honestly don’t think we have anything to get use there.

I am glad however that we do have a manager and I do think that maybe, Neil Warnock could be up to the challenge of keeping us in our place, not much else though. I’m not sure that even this Promotion specialist can get us back into the Premier League and that’s mainly because Bates will probably never spend his money on players needed.

On another note, the cars going good and I haven’t had a fag for nearly a month now! Anyway must go have some DIY to do, which I will tell you all about when I get it done!

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New car

Okay so I have had my new car now for a couple of days and its fantastic. I have been pretty much driving it constantly since I picked it up, the wife loves it because I have hardly been at home and well she rather likes the car too! I can’t fault the service at my local dealership, they provided an excellent service and were really very helpful, keeping me updated on my cars progress to the UK and to the dealership!

I am still getting used to driving it, like all new cars you have to meld it into how you drive which after a while happens but it is so comfortable I cannot believe. I am quite worried that if I do any long motorway journeys I am liable to doze off because of the comfort! Other noticeable points is that it obviously is a lot quicker than my old car, which is down to the five-cylinder 2.5-litre turbocharged RS engine, which has 340bhp so it does go like shit off a stick!

I have taken a couple of mates out in it and turned them green with envy, on the outside it looks mint, with sexy 19-inch alloy wheels and a trim which flow nicely together I didn’t go for the matte black alloys with red detailing, because I wanted them to stand out against the pearl black paint of the car.

I have a feeling the A3 will cost me a little bit more in petrol than my old car, but that will mainly down to the way I drive it, eeek! I just hope petrol doesn’t go up too much.

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A little dating update

I mentioned last year that my brother had started using online dating sites after coming out of a long term relationship. He has been through and exhausted a couple of dating sites with no look, as I mentioned a lot of men seem to just use dating sites for a quick fling rather than anything long term.

However in the autumn my brother started using the gay Parship site and has had much more luck on here than the previous dating sites he had used. He came out with a lot more viable dates, (those which lead to a second, third or even fourth date) and also met a lot of great people, some he is now friends with. But most of all he met his current partner who is a great guy. We met properly at the beginning of the month when my brother came up for a visit. It was nice to see my brother happy again and I am also glad to see that online dating actually worked out for him.

Only a short post today, I have something very special to do today, yep you guessed it I finally get to pick up my new car I am so excited I am afraid I may wet myself ha! Anyway the missis is coming with me too because she now also wants a new car, she has her eye on a Audi A1 the cute little bubble cars, although she also liked the look of the new TT although I know which she has more chance of getting! No way is she having a car which costs more than mine (foot down).

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Test drive

Well today I went out to my local Audi dealership to test drive the Audi A3 Sportback and the RS 3 Sportback and well in a couple of weeks I will be picking up my brand spanking new R3 Sportback! I first drove the A3 Sportback and really enjoyed it, great handling, smooth controls and really comfortable. Then I drove the R3 and nearly wet myself with excitement, straight way I knew it was for me!

I think I always knew that all along I would go for the R3 Sportback, I just wish the other half wasn’t there and saw the price, I think she too will now also be wanting a new car because I spent gone £40k on mine (typical).

The 340 PS, turbocharged 2.5 litre TFSI engine really goes, but I suppose anything does when comparing to a car you already have which is older and worn! It gets to 62mph in 4.6 seconds but the ultra-powerful five-cylinder engine keeps a respectable 31.0 mpg. This model has been designed with racing in mind and although I won’t really be doing much racing in it, it does make for an excitable ride! The R3 uses Audis Quattro four wheel drive technology which really gives it great handling!

I have gone for Phantom Black, pearl effect exterior finish with 19” x 8.5J ‘5-arm Rotor’ design alloy wheels finished in titanium with 255/30 tyres front and 225/35 tyres rear. Inside is all black Nappa Leather, black carpet and trim to keep it clean and sleek. I also have privacy glass for my windows, which are basically fancy tinted windows so it looks super cool! I also added the BOSE® premium sound system which is where I think the missus decided she too should get to spend some money! I also added electric seat adjustment and lumber support and because I am getting old I went for heated seats to keep me warm!

Anyway couldn’t get it straight away so now must wait a few weeks for it to be delivered so far I think it’s on a boat somewhere on the way to the UK no doubt these weeks will drag….. On another note some interesting games I am looking forward to tomorrow is the Man City Tottenham game been a bit in the press today and well Tottenham will be looking to get ahead of Manure. As I don’t like any team from Manchester I hope Tottenham whoop their asses.

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Insurance renewals

I got a couple of letters through today, one for car insurance renewal and one for home insurance, as I mentioned the other day this weekend I am looking for a new car so I won’t be looking for car insurance quote just yet. I figured I would check out some comparison websites for my home insurance though, I have had a small increase but I do like to double check I can’t get a better deal before I commit for another 12 months.

In the past I have found better deals offered even by my own insurer online, no longer do you get discount for loyalty, even if you haven’t claimed. It only seems new customers are the ones who can get the best deals, unfair if you ask me, especially as swapping can be a bit of a pain making sure you are covered for everything you were on your old policy.

To be honest I could do with a good deal on the home insurance, after all no doubt I will have to pay more to insure the new car I want, unless I get one of those free insurance for a year deals on it! I do need to make sure my contents is fully covered, even if it is insurance companies have been known to wriggle out of paying a claim on a technicality which is why I am put off looking for a new insurer because I know clearly what is covered on my current policy.

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Future purchases

New car

I am thinking about buying a new car and was wondering how much is my car worth? It’s just over four years old and it doesn’t have a huge number of miles on it so I’m hoping it hasn’t depreciated that much. Its paintwork is also in good condition and touch wood I haven’t been in any accidents with it that have caused damage.

I had a quick look on Auto Trader to see what cars like mine (Volkswagen EOS 2.0 TDi) go for second-hand. I found that most go for anywhere in between £7,000 to £13,000 so I think I should get a good price when I trade in.

Now the reason for looking for a new car is two-fold 1) I like driving new cars, I like the feel of them, the new car smell and well I have a short attention span so like having a new if slightly expensive new toys to play with. 2) The EOS is a convertible and my mates tell me I look like a poofter or say ‘here comes the hairdresser’ when I pull up in my car. I don’t exactly know why they think that driving a convertible makes me look gay but I have had enough and thought I might get something less gay, a Audi A3 RS 3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI S tronic which  is what I have my eye on!

I would like:

Black (pearl effect), because in past conversations my mates have said white cars are gay (yes they are homophobic and yes I find them childish and annoying sometimes)
19” x 8.5J ‘5-arm Rotor’ design alloy wheels finished in titanium
Interior in black leather well fine Nappa leather and everything including dash etc. also in all black
BOSE® sound system
Cruise control
Electric lumbar support seats (well I do have a bad back sometimes)
And well that’s about all I can get on this model.

I don’t really have time at the moment to hang around dealerships so I think I will start looking and negotiating in January whilst everyone else is skint after Christmas should be able to pick up a bargain.

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