Crysis 3

A couple of weeks ago I took order of Crysis 3, the third instalment of the series. I have played the two previous titles, and this outing follows up nicely. You return to fight as Prophet who is on a quest to rediscover humanity (see my previous post).

As expected the graphics are pretty good, both in single player and multiplayer modes, there doesn’t seem to be any graphical glitches which is good. In single player mode game play is standard, it hasn’t taken me that long to get through the majority of the game, and I still have a few things left to do. However I don’t think the story is as long as Crysis 2 nor is it as in depth. I get the feeling now many games designers spend more time developing multiplayer games so that when it comes to single player, there seems to be something missing.

I have had a few goes on multiplayer although like a lot of other games the servers can be laggy and we always seem to be at a disadvantage to American players. The plus points to multiplayer mode is that it is multi-faceted, there are several new game play options including Hunter mode, where it is last man standing. Also during game play winning sees XP and weapon unlocks like other games, this I think is the general format for most multiplayer games anyway.

This is a great mid-season game, something which comes out in-between the big tittles, although to be fair Crysis is pretty big in its own right, however I find it makes a change from COD and Battlefield so if you’re getting a bit tired of those games you should check this out.
Still gotta wait for the Walking Dead game, but at least I have the TV show which is starting to crank up its pace.

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