FA Cup failure

To be fair I am quite glad I never bothered with the ESPN package on Sky, if I had; it would have meant that yesterday I would have watched Leeds lose to Man City in the FA cup. I checked the score line, after about twenty minutes to see we were two nil down, so I didn’t bother trying to stream the game from one of those dodgy sights.

After that I sat on the Xbox and played a few games of Halo 4 as I hadn’t played it for a while and before I knew it, it was tea time. Finally after tea I realised the game would have finished (quite a while ago) so with trepidation check the score line; 4-0 to Citeh. Oh well could have been worse, obviously would have been nice if we could have go at least a goal back. But never mind that’s it now, back to concentrating on the league now and getting up the table and improving our goal difference.

The FA Cup for City is pretty much their only chance of silverware this season, I don’t think the will catch up and overtake Manure and obviously they were knocked out of Champions League and never made it to the Europa League. So after their recent poor for, I thought Mancini would put out an army against us. I don’t want to sound like every other Leeds fan, but when you consider how much Citeh have spent on their team and how much we haven’t, there shouldn’t have been any reason Citeh couldn’t beat us. Not that Leeds didn’t put up a good fight; I mean the best we could.

One thing it does show us though is that we still have a way to go before we have the confidence to be in the Premier League. Once we get back up we want to stay up and not be a team which falls back down. I believe it is very possible, has happened with all the top teams, just takes a bit of time. And of course in this day and age quite a bit of investment! One thing for sure though is there will always be strong fan support.

On Wednesday we are at home, hosting Blackpool, they are only two points behind us so a win is necessary for us and I would say also for Warnock’s future. However I do feel maybe he should be kept till next season and see what players he brings in. If we finish low down and have a poor start then maybe he should go. You do have to remember that we haven’t had a lot to work with, plus losing Becchio hasn’t helped.

Anyway another week begins, haven’t got a massive lot to do, the weather is set to be good, so if the wife is lucky I may take her out, or I may just play my Xbox.

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