Finally Some Sensible Driving Fines

HA0527 - Lifestyle images of elderly couple going on holiday with a caravan. May 2010Today, drivers will probably find themselves on the wrong end of a fine or an increased fine for driving offences. Some new fines are been brought in and how much fines are to pay are being increased. The new fines will be a godsend for drivers like me who get infuriated by stupid and inconsiderate drivers on the motorway. Those who are spotted by police tailgating and lane-hogging face on-the-spot fines of £100 and given 3 penalty points.

Hopefully as fines and points are doled out, Police will be sensible about it and not use it as a cash raising opportunity. Although there will be the option of arguing your case in court if you feel your fine was unfairly issued. However I do feel that maybe there should be some more awareness, after all I have only come across these changes on news sites, advertising would be better so people know they have to change the way they drive, because it is no longer deemed acceptable. Otherwise more will be caught out (although I suspect that might be the idea).

Those drivers caught will have the opportunity to attend a drivers awareness course, so for first time offences, this will be better option than a fine and points. It gives someone the chance to learn from their mistakes and where they are going wrong.

Personally I think drivers who drive with no insurance should get biggest fines, then those without tax, because lets face it, unless you are driving a really polluting car then tax is not massively expensive and it needs to be cheaper than a fine to ensure people pay it. There is no need to use a mobile phone whilst driving in this day and age and considering it’s a distraction the fine should be bigger than £100 which is what it will now rise to. Some dangerous speeding offences also need to be fine heavily as do those who are driving without a licence.

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