Getting the right travel insurance is essential for a safe trip

It’s nearly the summer holidays where millions of us will be donning our t-shirts and shorts and heading somewhere warm with family and friends, but there is one travel accessory that is often overlooked and could save you a huge amount of money – travel insurance.

Travel insurers are notorious for picking apart a claim to find some reason to reject it, this leaves a lot of people each year thousands of pounds out of pocket and is why you should always make sure that your travel insurance is the right policy for you and protects you thoroughly in case the worst happens.

An extraordinary 6 out of 10 people don’t even read insurance policies terms and conditions before signing, and many of them don’t get the right cover or disclose all the relevant information.

Here is some information about why insurance companies reject claims and how to make sure that you are fully covered for your holiday.

Failure to disclose pre-existing medical conditions and current medication is one of the main reasons why a claim will be rejected. It is vital to disclose any medical condition however minor or you could be stranded abroad and have to pay your own medical bills which could run into thousands.

Check that your destination is covered by your policy, as some European polices include Turkey and some don’t. If you’re travelling to multiple countries during your holiday it is also important that your policy covers those areas too.

Checking that your policy covers you for all the activities you want to do during your holiday including hazardous sports is also important. Some insurer may also reject a claim if you hire a scooter so always check the small print.

Watch what you drink – your insurer may refuse to pay out if you are drunk and have an accident or lose your valuables, so drink in moderation and make sure your valuables are locked up safe when not in use.

If your belongings are lost or stolen during your trip then it is important to fill out a police report, your insurer will want to see a written report before they will pay out a claim.

So, as long as you take these tips into account when taking out a travel insurance policy you should be covered for your summer holiday.

family holidayPicture: Colin Bowern

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