Gift buying and Pancakes

I was stuck at what to get my nephew for his birthday. He is at university and we don’t see him that much but I do like to send on presents every now and then. My nephew is on my wife’s side, but she doesn’t really have a clue what to buy an adolescent teenage boy so she leaves it up to me. Normally game vouchers and CD’s would suffice, but he uses free online media outlets and second hand games now well when he is not studying.

I checked out Firebox and I Want One of Those but to be fair a lot of it just seemed like tat. Then a light bulb went off in my head. I remembered a photo, my mother in law proudly showed off at Christmas of my nephew and I remember thinking what a scruff he is. Tatty clothes ill-fitting jeans and scruffy shoes; the little bugger obviously needs some new clothes, unless he is purposefully going for the hobo look.

Anyway I am not up on clothes or fashion and the missus has no idea about young boy fashion (that sounds wrong). So I had to firstly find out what websites are hip for clothes shopping and then educate myself on some modern brands. Apparently Levis and Wrangler are still cool and the rest well, it was an education. To be fair I am a fan of slogan tees, had a fair few in the eighties and I found Beck & Hersey online which had some cool tees and sweaters they had funky graphics on them and stand out quite a lot. I think my nephew would like them as he is into hip hop style despite being a skinny white kid!

Today is also Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day for all you non-believers. I’m sure many like me don’t believe in this god stuff but do quiet enjoy things like Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and Easter. Having said that Christmas was originally a Pagan festival so maybe can count that out. The perk of Easter is a nice long bank holiday oh and chocolate. Pancake Day is one of my favourites; I love pancakes and stuff myself silly with them. Although I don’t know why we only end up having them once a year there is no rule stating that you can’t have them at any other time.

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