Exercise and Diet Plan 2013

So getting back into the swing of my fitness regime, after starting off well last summer, the cruise holiday and Christmas saw me give up on my fitness. So every morning for the past two weeks I have been hopping onto my Frontier Nimbus Premium 24 Program Magnetic Exercise Bike. I have also adopted healthier eating habits; however I have not cut out alcohol. Just no point would make me too sad.


Bike 5 mornings a week and weights 3 (weights are only 3 morning s to start off with).


Breakfast-Eggs, bacon and wholemeal toast or porridge with lots of fruit.
Lunch -Pesto pasta with chicken or tuna. Or a baked potato with chilli beans or tuna mayo.
Dinner-Boiled/steamed chicken or fish, steamed veggies and brown rice or salad.
Snacks-Protein energy bars, mixed nuts probiotic yoghurts.

No skimping on portions for breakfast and lunch around the times of my exercise as I need the energy. My evening meals will be carb light as I don’t need any at night, so just good nutritious food. No sugary snacks though and plenty of good fats, butter, animal fat and coconut oil as well as some olive oil. Cakes are a no, no as are crisps and anything processed.

Hopefully I can keep on top of this for a while and get fit and stronger. If I don’t start now, I expect I wouldn’t be far away from a heart attack, I abused my body when I was younger now is the time to try and repair some of that damage.

The FA cup result against Birmingham on Tuesday was great, worth a mention today. We managed to come from behind and secure a win to get us through to the next round, where we will be playing Tottenham (eek). McCormack got a latish equaliser in the 70th minute, six minutes before Diouf scored from a penalty.

On Saturday we will be at home to Bristol City, another team in the relegation zone, hopefully we won’t let them win like we did Barnsley. Still a few points of the playoff zone, but we can get there if we pull off wins.

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Review: Frontier Nimbus Premium 24 Program Magnetic Exercise Bike.

So I have finished my fifth work out of the week on my new exercise bike and I’m a bit buggered! When I first got on the bike it felt study and really good quality, well worth the money. Took a little while to get around the computer and different programmes, but getting there with it now, you just need to have patience. The wife doesn’t bother with the programmes just hops on for thirty mins or so.

I have only undertake basic programmes so far, the first go I managed ten minutes before I was worn out. I am very unfit! However I have been building myself up this week and am already feeling some benefit and well some achy legs! I have to say it’s very quiet which is good because I can get up before the wife and get some exercise in without disturbing her. There are still quite a number of programmes for me to test out but I don’t fancy pushing myself too hard. Otherwise I will most likely give up.

I think we will have to wait a month or so before I see any physical results.

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New exercise bike

So my exercise bike came today I got a Frontier Nimbus Premium 24 Program Magnetic Exercise Bike. In the hope it makes me fit. I have put it together which was easy to do and hopped on for a quick test. Just waiting for my lunch to settle before I give it a proper go though, need to start of slowly though!

The bike has an enhanced LCD display which shows the 24 exercise programmes and it also has a body fat measurement. It feels really sturdy and can hold up to 19 stone which is okay for me! The seat adjusts for your height and your reach so it feels right when riding. It has pulse centres and assists you in fat burn.

It was pretty easy to set up but I do have to go through the programmes and everything to make sure they’re set up right. Was planning on doing fifteen minutes to day of gentle cycling and see how I do. I don’t want to go too much because I have some driving to do the next few days.

This week I will probably go on the bike on a morning. I am out and about this week doing some jobs for a mate on the road. The last thing I will want to do when I get in after been in the car all day is exercise. Although it probably is good, think I will be more motivated when I get up. Again I am been sent to towns and cities I haven’t visited before so I will be again using the trusty website: www.cityvisitor.co.uk to help me get around and find the stuff that I need, including the best places to eat.

I will give my new bike a proper review after a few goes on it later on in the week.

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New exercise regime

The wife called me fat last night. I’d never do that to her. If I did, it would be the first and only time, because she would kill me. Apparently I am a bit fatter than I was a couple of years ago. She said I should be keeping an eye on my weight because it would quickly creep up to obesity.

To be honest she probably is right (but also she can’t talk don’t tell her I said that though). The past couple of years have seen me slow down a lot more from my early life. I stopped going to the gym when I left London, took up five a side only to give up after a year. Instead I have slowly eaten and drunk more and moved less. This year thanks to the unpredictable weather I haven’t got out and about. And the trip to Vegas saw me over indulge in an all you can eat buffet most days which really isn’t good for your waist line.

This all came about because the wife got me to have a go on the Kinect on the Olympics game rather than doing the controller ones. This led me to becoming out of breath, after just starting then needing a rest after pulling something. She decided that she didn’t want to go on our cruise holiday with a fat man who gets easily out of breath especially when there is so much to do on board.

I see her point we have just over two months before we go and if I work hard then I should be able to get myself in shape. The problem is I don’t really fancy going back to the gym again. I have been having a look to see whether or not I could get some at home gym equipment however I don’t think I really have the room even after our recent clear-out.

I did see an infomercial this morning when I switched the TV on about the Insanity Workout which aims to give you a buff body in sixty days (just in time for our holiday). Think I may give it a whirl although judging by the video it may kill me! I will let you know what I decide in the next week or so then you can follow my progress.

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So men are starting to live longer

Some boffin has found that men alive now may have a life expectancy of 87, well according to research (and we all know how reliable that can be). We may soon be living as long as women which will throw a number of pension estimations into chaos! Over the last decade at least we men have been closing the longevity gap on women.

It doesn’t surprise me that men are starting to live linger, after all we have seen a decline in heavy industry that finished a lot off before retirement and also medical advancements also help. Plus I do think men are becoming a lot more health conscious than they used to be, take me for example I no longer smoke and the amount I drink has reduced since I was young (however that’s more or less down to stupid amounts of taxation).

I would hazard a guess that the number of people my age will probably have fairly long lifespans however younger generations may not. The boffin who did this research Professor Leslie Mayhew, a statistician at City University calculated that a boy born in 2000, who reaches the age of 30, is likely to live as long as his female contemporaries. Although it may be the fact that women are unhealthier?

There is also a good chance younger generations are unhealthier than previous after all we are constantly told obesity is on the rise amongst youngsters and there is also a massive binge drinking epidemic too oh and kids are taking lots of dodgy drugs now.

I do often think that these sort of reports are thrown together to help the governments point about us all living longer, so we have to work longer, however you can’t prove that it will always increase.

Picture courtesy of Pete Ashton

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Poor football results

Well as I write this post Leeds have just lost against Southampton, it wasn’t much of a game really we had a couple of shots but nothing came of them I just wish we had got a point at least, however as Southampton are sat at the top of the table I can’t really complain. I hope we can make it into the play offs but I highly doubt it, as I honestly don’t think we have anything to get use there.

I am glad however that we do have a manager and I do think that maybe, Neil Warnock could be up to the challenge of keeping us in our place, not much else though. I’m not sure that even this Promotion specialist can get us back into the Premier League and that’s mainly because Bates will probably never spend his money on players needed.

On another note, the cars going good and I haven’t had a fag for nearly a month now! Anyway must go have some DIY to do, which I will tell you all about when I get it done!

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