Helping my wife with her new venture

We’re quite lucky that we can spend our days doing whatever we like now that I’ve made my money and got out of the rat race. I like to learn new thing and like the hands on approach so spend many a day in my workshop building and restoring random projects from furniture to motorbikes.

My wife on the other hand like to be in the kitchen and is a great cook. She loves making jam and always gives jar of it away to her friends and family, and sells it at the local fates. She’s decided that she wants to take it to the next level and has got herself a market stall in the local town, thing is she needs a bit of a guiding hand to make things look more professional, so I’ve decided to help.

We’ve already found a supplier for the glass jars, fabric covers and ties, and now just need some labels printed. Luckily I know a place through a friend called Data Label who specialise in all sorts of labels from barcodes to car window stickers, so have requested a quote for some custom printed labels.

Once we get the quote back and finish the design for our printed Labels from datalabel we can get an ideal of the finished product and work out how much each jar costs to make and how much we will charge.

I’ll probably get roped in to help once everything is up and running, but you know me I love talking to people, as long as it isn’t about how badly Leeds United are doing.

Jam, Yummy!

Jam, Yummy!

Picture: Matti Mattila

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