Holidays in 2014

Road Trip!As the weather turned for the worst this week, the wife and I realised (shock and horror) we hadn’t got a holiday booked. Normally when we take a holiday we have another one booked. However at the moment we don’t even have anything planned for next year. We do like to plan ahead as well as take last minute breaks however at the moment, we have no ideas.

The wife suggested popping into town and getting a load of brochures, but as it was raining I decided against that and so go the laptop out and we sat down scrolling though holiday websites looking for inspiration. We have been really lucky in the last few years to visit some wonderful destinations, from South Africa to the Caribbean and a few guys/girls holidays in between.

So the question is where we shall go next. We are torn, for a big holiday in the US together but where. There are a number of places we wish to visit in America, unfortunately given the expanse of the country we couldn’t visit them all in one visit. So we have to look and see which ones we can do in one year. We have narrowed it down to the Atlantic Coast, The Pacific Coast and Route 66.

The Atlantic Coastal Route takes you from New York, down to Florida. This is the wife’s preferred route. She wishes to take a cruise ship across to New York (Cunard One) and spend a few days there taking in the sites and shopping. We then drive down hitting points such as Virginia, Wilmington, Daytona Beach and Miami before landing in Key West. It also means we can take in sites in Washington DC, many historical sites and of course Cape Canaveral and Disney World in Orlando.

On the other side of the country you have the Pacific Coast. This journey sees you starting in just below Canada, in the Olympia National Park. This route has some fabulous scenery to take in and some wonderful national parks along the way. Popular cities along the way include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. I’d like to hit, Yosemite National Park along the way as well as really would like to drive around the Pacific Coast High Way!

Probably the most famous road in the world, the Route 66 has inspired movies and songs alike as well as been an important US route across America. The Road takes you from Los Angeles to Chicago, one city on my wife’s list and one on mine as must visit places. There are a lot of places to visit along this trail, some there before the route and some came after it was built. It’s certainly a trek and quite adventurous, we can hit Las Vegas (I’ve been but the wife hasn’t), through the Zion National Park and a great insight into the history of the country, across the states of Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa, finish in ‘The Windy City’

As you can see, even with these three options, it’s quite a decision. So we have both thought we would head out for lunch somewhere nice to mull it over……

Bear on a Road Trip Image Courtesy of -snugg-


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