Cool lighting solutions – Deer Head Light Fixture

I’m always looking for new and innovative design ideas that I can use around the house, and I recently came across the Deer Head Light Fixture on Yanko Design.

These lights don’t actually look like anything special during the day, but switch the light on and the full magic is revealed. It’s such a simple idea, but creates a great effect, I wish I could get some for my house.

Check out the pictures yourself and see what you think.

Deer Head Light Fixture

Deer Head Light Fixture2

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Doubling the size of your house

I watched a program on 4OD over the weekend called Double Your House for Half the Money and it has given us some great ideas on what we could do to our house.

Space is the main concern with our home, although there is only two of us we seem to have so much stuff that it’s slowly starting to look like a hoarder’s paradise. There isn’t much scope to extend the houses exterior as it is a terraced house with a relatively small garden, but luckily we do have a basement which we could utilise to make some more space.

At the moment the basement is full of, well to be honest junk and non-essential items such as old work files, cycle parts and bags of old clothes. What we could really do with is an office space and the basement would be the perfect space. It would then free up our spare bedroom to either make into a guest room when we have visitors or a dressing room making more space in our master bedroom.

The TV episode had two couples, one who built a big extension on their house and the other who converted their basement to make two more bedrooms. It showed us that there is potential to do something with our basement, so we’re looking into it at the moment.

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New bedroom furniture and no peace

So after I broke our wardrobe last year and we got a nice new shiny one from the wife decided we now need a new bed, bedside cabinets and chest of draws. As you can guess this is going to cost me and on top of the new dining room furniture she wants. Honestly I don’t know why she always wants to buy everything at the same time. She gets these ideas in her head and that’s it.

The thing is all this furniture will probably arrive at the same time, be all flat packed with crap instructions all for me to put together, whilst the wife stands there and tells me I’m doing it wrong but doesn’t help me. I think I may just hire a handy man to do it, would be easier and save me the hassle, because I really can’t be arsed. Next thing I know though is that she will want the bloody rooms repainting. She normally does this just after all new furniture is put in.

Anyway at least I get some peace this weekend, she is off out for the day shopping with the girls, then out for tea and drinks as well so the whole of Saturday I can spend in peace. I can also watch some football, drink beer and play my Xbox, without the wife, tutting at me. Last night I was out with my mate at the footy, we watched Leeds play Ipswich, luckily we got a draw and didn’t lose like we have been doing recently. So it wasn’t horrendous going to the game, especially as it was bloody freezing.

small-football.jpgMy mates off again at the weekend to watch the Huddersfield game, I really should get my season ticket again, I stopped during Bates’s tyrannal reign, however now he’s gone, I have no excuse. Although their recent form put me off, it’s a bit depressing driving home after a loss, at least at home I can ignore updates or switch over the odd times they are on Sky. I know I could always walk out but then that would just be a waste of money, however it would make getting home quicker!

I was quite happy when we were in the playoffs, one step closer to the Premier League. But then I got thinking, we would probably struggle to stay up, we wouldn’t have much chance of getting back to our previous levels of dominance. We just don’t have the cash. Looking at the PL now the top teams, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea all have recently spent big, Citeh to extortionate levels.

Manure lost Fergusson and their lower levels of spending have become apparent. I also think If Liverpool didn’t have Suarez, they would still be struggling, luckily he will be staying put there for a while, but they really need more investment in good players. (Carroll anyone). Obviously Manure have some expensive players, but the team is going through a transitional period, they will have to invest more to keep up in the top. Not that I hope they do, but it lays bare the state of the PL now.

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Mid-Week Blues

January is really getting to me, it’s no surprise it’s a depressing month, the Christmas Joy is over, Christmas bills will be due, the weather is pants and I have man flu. I really want to cheer myself up, but so far cant. The wife thought she would cheer me up by looking for new furniture, how wrong she was. It made me more inclined to top myself (not really). Anyway in an effort to give the home a refresh she wants to repaint the dining room and by some new furniture. Don’t know what’s wrong with what we have in there, but you know women.

At the moment its very 1990’s traditional pine furniture and glass cabinets, fine in my eye, dated in hers, so when she suggested New England furniture range from Baytree Interiors I was like, wait isn’t this even more dated, like a century or so ago. But apparently it’s all very chic. Now to me it just looks like half-finished furniture and although fairly priced to me, in my tight Yorkshire man ways, you want the job doing properly for that price. However after the wife the went on to show me lots a pictures of this ‘shabby chic’ style I can see her point and I suppose it’s not too bad, but then again what do I know I’m a bloke!

She liked the ‘Kitchen Cabinet With Wine Rack’ below, not that there is enough room for all the wine she drinks, will probably need two to fit all her booze in! And she wants this ‘New England Tall Glazed Unit With Drawers’ to display all her girly tat in also below. What she want the ‘New England Set Of 2 Blanket Boxes’ I will never know, we already have blanket storage why you would want it in the dining room I’ll never know!

New England Furniture

Anyway I handed her my credit card, after all the furniture looks pretty solid and I’m sure I’ll grow to love it. What I will not love is painting the damn room once she has chosen a colour. And oh she is also on about changing the flooring too, great! Well as long as it make her happy……

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Buying a new Wardrobe

Slide Wardrobes roomKlutz I am I managed to break our old bedroom wardrobe. In my defence it was on its last legs anyway after been in the house since we bought it. It was also a pretty cheap wardrobe so I am amazed at how long it actually has lasted. I may have slammed it shut Tuesday morning which left it hanging slightly out of line from its rail. So when the wife opened it the door fell on her.

I would like to say it was all part of a plan to do away with her, but alas not and she is okay, with a bump on her forehead and in a stonker of a mood with me. So to make it up to her I am buying her a whole new fitted wardrobe. A nice shiny top quality new one from, to keep her appeased. I let her choose the style and colour, as you would guess she chose the most expensive option, my own fault for asking her.

Anyway because the wardrobes are made to measure it takes one to two weeks for delivery, so for now we have to manage with door less fitted wardrobes. One thing I have noticed with both doors being off is that the wife takes up, pretty much 80% of it with her clothes, shoes and accessories. I now can see where the credit card bill comes from, her bloody clothing collection. As I was taking the doors down I had a rummage through her clothes. There are items still with tags on in there!! Even the stuff without tags on, I don’t recall ever seeing her in some of these clothes.

Apparently British women have £5billion worth of unworn clothing in their collective wardrobes, I think my wife is probably 50% of that figure judging by what I can see. Most women have at least six outfits of unworn clothing, these include skinny jeans, tight dresses ad short skirts. I know before the wife lost some weight she would by skinny jeans and dresses with the aim to get into them when she lost the weight she wanted to. However when she lost the weight she went out and bought new clothes, she apparently didn’t like the other things she had bought previously that now fit her.

I think I might stick a lot of these on eBay think I could get a fair whack for her clothes especially the stuff she hasn’t worn. She wouldn’t notice, she buys new clothes all the time, so it’s not like the wardrobe would look suddenly empty!


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Getting in My Garden

Hopefully what my veg will turn out like

Hopefully what my veg will turn out like

This weekend has been pretty successful, I have managed to get a lot of work done in the garden, and its great haven’t had good weather for a while, well not enough to get all the jobs done. I even managed to top up my tan! Anyway hopefully this weather keeps going and I can get out a bit more. I have really logged far too many Xbox hours in the last few months!

The garden room is particularly handy for getting my veg off the ground; it’s a nice sun trap so it’s warm in there during the day and light so my seedlings are getting off to a strong start. Inside I have Summer Radish, Summer Lettuce, Peas and tomatoes. Outside in my beds I have also planted onions and new potatoes, ready for a summer crop. I am also working on my other beds and pots, for the radishes and lettuces etc. As well as sorting out my veg, I cut our grass, as it was growing like crazy and power washed our patio steps as they were covered in moss and quite slippery.

After a hard days graft, I was looking forward to getting in and watching the final score, waiting to see how Leeds fared. Badly really, we lost at home 2-1 to Brighton. They took an early lead and after that we were just trying to catch up. We got a break when Diouf scored a penalty however when he celebrated at the away fans, he was sent off, which is bloody annoying. Add to that Austin was given a red card for a bad tackle. It did help that Brighton went down to ten men, but with us down to nine in the last minutes we couldn’t grasp anything back. And now Diouf and Austin will be out for the next couple of games. And really we don’t have anyone else. What a nightmare.

Our last game is next Saturday away at Watford; hopefully we can bring out a win for the end of the season, although I am not hopeful. I am just looking forward to next season now and maybe a stronger squad. One can only hope! I caught the highlights of Manures game at the Emirates against Arsenal, I was really hoping the London side would beat them, they were pretty lucky in the first half, scoring an early goal and being given an easy time by the ref. But they squandered that and in the last minutes of the second half by giving a penalty away to Manure. RVP took it and scored and that was it. Anyway Manure have the title, urgh, glad it’s not plastic Citeh, or Chelski, but would have preferred Arsenal or Tottenham. Not sure if Manure will still be able to dominate next season as I reckon Citeh and Chelski will be investing heavily and fully changing their teams to get the edge.

Image courtesy of smith_cl9

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