The ineptitude of British drivers (and cyclists)

I’m not saying I’m the best driver in the world, but when you see the state of some drivers on the road you do wonder how they managed to pass their driving tests. The prime example was the other night, me and my wife went shopping as we’re having a little get together on tonight and got blocked in, nearly crashed and almost ran over a cyclist.

First we went to our local Booths, as my wife likes us to eat mainly organic stuff and Booths has a good choice. I parked up and went to the ticket machine, the place was near enough empty, so imagine my surprise when I turn around and see my wife nearly run over as she got out the car by a middle-aged woman in a huge 4×4. If I was to know what was coming I would of cut my losses but after Booths we headed to Sainsbury’s to get some alcohol.

On our way to Sainsbury’s we encountered the usual drivers, the ones that pull out straight in front of you without warning even though you are in a white VW Polo that has its lights on by default and those who just can’t find the energy to indicate before abruptly turning a corner.

We parked up and got some alcohol before returning to the car. I put it in reverse only to find some random guy had decided to park his car right behind and wasn’t even looking. I bashed the horn and he looked at me as if I was stupid (that really pisses me off). On leaving the car park some guy jumped the red light and nearly side swiped us, luckily there was an empty lane next to ours so I was able to avoid a crash.

Then to top it all off I had to follow a guy on his bike cycling down the middle of the road on our way home. He pulled into the right hand lane of the roundabout, so you would think that he was going right, wrong. We followed him round the roundabout until he decided he was turning off without indicating and nearly got splattered across our bonnet, luckily our car is only a week old so the brakes are good.

By this time I was so frustrated, I parked up, got the shopping in and had a beer, I think I deserved it!

Frustration Sign

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