Leeds United reinforcing squad after selling one of their best players to competitor

I’ve been taking a bit of time off from ranting about Leeds United recently because A: I don’t really think anyone is that bothered, and B: it gets me so annoyed. I’ve even written a positive post about ManUre in the last month so there’s definitely something wrong.

Yes, Leeds have made five singings since making Hockaday manager, which hopefully will reinforce the squad, but I don’t think its good business to sell one of your best players (Ross McCormack) to a side that you will be playing in the same league when your both looking to get to the Premier League. In fact, the selling of McCormack has, in my opinion condemned us to at least another season in the Championship.

Add to that, the fact that Massimo Cellino seems determined to ruffle as many feathers as possible, first dropping Paddy Kenny because his birthday is on the 17th and Cellino hates the number 17, and second demanding that all players must live in the city, and the fact that he hired an inexperienced manager to take the helm, it doesn’t look good.

Hopefully the squad and manager will prove me wrong, but only time will tell.

I would say that I’m looking forward to the beginning of the new season (away at Millwall) which starts on the 9th of August, but to be honest I’m dreading it.

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