New HTC Handset

Taiwanese mobile giant HTC have finally announced their new handset; the HTC One. There have been a number of rumours buzzing around the internet, but finally we get to see what they have actually done.

Now I am not that into my mobile phones, I don’t get a new one every year but I am in the market for one this year. I haven’t had much look with my previous smartphones. My current handset the Motorola Razr, the latest version anyway not original, has started playing up; well it actually started to play up about two months before I could get a new one on contract. I don’t like Apple devices so that is ruled out and my previous handsets have been HTC so I think I may just look at this new HTC handset.

The new HTC One has an all-aluminium body and it has a Super LCD 3 high-res 4.7-inch HD screen and it comes in weighing 143g. The device runs on Android 4.1.2 and uses an upgraded version of Sense, unofficially dubbed Sense 5.0 which is HTC operating system as such. It also has a new multimedia social network service called BlinkFeed. This consists of large tiles which automatically update with information and photos from news sites and social networks.

The camera on the HTC One is a 4MP sensor; this differs from a 4MP camera, as it has a smaller sensor but much larger pixels which allow in more light and data. This method called Ultrapixel means that your pictures will look better. It also has HTC Zoe which is for photos; it takes a photo 0.6 seconds before you press the shutter button then waits three seconds afterwards to capture far more information. This results in a quick high res video every time you take a picture which can be easily edited on your phone.

There is nothing stand out that much apart from the camera and functions, however there really isn’t anything new being developed yet anyway. We have been lucky in recent years to have so many updates and new technologies coming through mobile technology, it’s expected that there may be a bit of stagnation for a while.

The HTC One looks like it’s pretty functional with some really great touches, as long as it’s reliable and works easily that’s me sold. I will wait a few months yet and see what other people and reviewers think and also see what else is out there, but for my money the HTC one looks like it could be the one for me.

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