We need to learn more languages or one other at least

GlobeSo watching the news today and they were talking about how we Brits are pretty crap at speaking other languages. We have all been tarred with the same brush when it comes to travelling abroad, we are rude, drunken and unable to speak anything other than English. Which may be the case for some Brit holidaymakers going to the Spanish Costas but to be fair there are a lot of British people who are bi-lingual and some multi-lingual.

I myself am multi-lingual, well bi-lingual would be fairer as I can speak French, Spanish and German, however my German is pretty flaky now as I haven’t used it in a number of years and my Spanish mainly gets me to a bar, or ordering food at restaurants and getting around a bit. But I can’t speak full conversations much anymore. When I worked, my job saw me travel a lot around Europe, every other week I was in Paris for Lille for a meeting with bosses so I spoke fluent French, which I learnt in school. Trips to Germany saw me take this language on to help me whilst working over there occasionally. And Spanish was gained from lad’s holidays, hence the basic alcohol involved knowledge.

Learning languages is best done when you’re young. I started French in primary school, followed it to High School and took it GCSE gaining pretty high marks, considering the rest of my results. However sometimes you can have a natural ability which helps as I have mentioned learning it when young. One thing that can be tricky is the writing part, speaking does come easier, however there are places you can look for help on writing here. When it came to picking up German in my twenties it was much harder, I only got around because as I was learning it I was using it. However it hasn’t ‘stuck’ like French has so there defiantly are benefits learning it when you’re young.

So focus needs to be on early education in my opinion. According to the British Council most Brits cannot hold a conversation in one of the ten most important languages. I’ve found many of my mates round here don’t speak any other language but English (well Yorkshire) whereas when I lived in London many people in my circle of friends spoke a different languages. Some could speak as many as five! However the need to be bi-lingual in some walks of life is more important than others. The jobs my mates have round here wouldn’t need them to speak another language so after school they never bothered to carry on what they learnt.

I just hope we can improve languages in schools, although I think that’s going to be harder that they think!


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Man Microwaves Brand New Never used PlayStation 4 – idiot

I may not be a PlayStation fan but even I can see microwaving one is plain stupid and a waste of money/dangerous. At least he states during the video do not attempt but still I personally think he is an idiot even if it’s in the name of ‘Art’. Watch it below if you wish.

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Ha Possible Fines for QPR

small-football.jpgYou can read the full story here, but basically QPR are looking at being fine by the Football League £60million because of the financial fair play rules! It’s about time they clamped down on this. QPR made a loss of £80million during the 2012-13 Barclays Premier League season, they were also relegated despite massive signings. Their weekly wage bill for players was huge with some on over £100,000 per week.

They won’t get the fine now though, they will have to wait until they get promoted back to the premier League. They are currently in third position level on points and GD with Leicester. Their next game after the international break is on Saturday against Charlton, where they will be playing at home. Leeds next game will be Saturday against Boro’ at home. Hopefully we won’t lose any of our momentum now after winning against Charlton last week.


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New PlayStation for US

Sony PlayStation 4Today the Sony PlayStation 4 came out in the US, we will have to wait until November the 29th. Next week the Xbox one is being launched, however Microsoft will be launching it in their most popular gaming countries which luckily and unsurprisingly features the UK. So the US, most of Europe and other countries will get the new console on the same date.

So far the PlayStation 4 has had a few problems, these have been unearthed by people who had them to review i.e. journalists. It includes problems connecting the console to the TV and receiving a picture to a Sony ‘ring of death’ where they have a pulsating blue light rather than the white glowing light which you get when it works. So not all good but there are always hiccups on release.

I’m not a Sony console fan, currently deciding on whether I need to buy a new Xbox as mine will suffice really and with Christmas coming up the wife doesn’t really want me spending that much money on myself! Anyway, I really should get out and about more and not play on my Xbox all day, or my laptop or my new phone…

I need to get out a bit and use my new lens which I got to work on my new Sony Xperia Z1. I have taken a few shots around the house, not really very arty mainly cups of tea, beer and a cranky wife but I haven’t been up to much to take any great outdoors photos with it. Now probably isn’t the best time as we head into winter and the weather takes a turn for the worst! However this weekend I plan on heading out whilst the weather looks fair, gets some exercise and play with my new toy especially as my back is now on the mend.

Plus as there is no football this weekend, I thought why not get out and about. Tonight England play Chile at Wembley no doubt we will lose, because we are shit! Our second international game is against Germany again at Wembley. Even with the home advantage I smell disaster in the air….. oh no wait that’s England’s smell. I know I should be supportive of the national team, but it is rubbish. It’s lacking in so many areas, experience, teamwork and generally ability! This is the problem when you have a Premier League dominated by foreign players. And now these foreign players are making more appearances in the Championship, that we have no hope of fielding a good team in the future if it carries on like this.


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Football and future on TV

small-football.jpgOccasionally you get to catch the odd Leeds game on Sky. It’s a rare and great occasion as a fan who doesn’t go to many live games. Now it looks like in the next couple of years, sports on Sky will be changing. BT are coming in strong and taking a great many things just yesterday news that they have won the £900m Champions League TV rights from Sky and ITV.

Add that to the Premier League and no doubt more when the contract runs out in a couple of years and BT look set to be the Sport kings. Currently I am a Sky customer and have been for years, but if I lose a good chunk of sport unless it’s replaced with full Championship games I might have to scrap it. Movies and TV box sets can now be easily streamed, I have been catching up on some great ones through my Blu-ray player recently with Netflix. The only thing I would miss are the great new US shows I like, however there are ways and means to download these from the states and watch even before they are on here.

However I’m not sure I would move to BT. They pissed me off royally when I changed to sky broadband, continuously charging me despite cancelling. They ‘had no record’ of me cancelling, twice and then took them six months to refund me only for them to take a payment through DD which I had cancelled. So I am really unwilling to go to them for footy.

The option of easy streaming does it for me if I could stream the sports I wanted from one source, movies from another, TV shows and also news from different places, but at a fair price, with the option to save to a hard drive then I’m all for it over just paying for Sky. However with streaming you need a good internet connection. Currently although I don’t have Sky fibre their broadband aint bad.

Anyway all this footy talk and I forgot to mention our win yesterday. I was out and about with the wife after a temporary reprise of back pain, luckily I had 3G coverage so got my updates on the go! My phone buzzed before halftime and although in the lead we lost it just before the break. However it looked like on the up after second half with the second Leeds goal interrupted me whilst talking to a salesman in a shop with a goal from a penalty, boo yeah! However as we were relaxing with a coffee, it looked like Leeds were on their usual form losing a lead, when Charlton equalised after 69 minutes.

My worry turned to hoping we weren’t inline for a defeat and hopeful could stop them scoring again. But then again Ross McCormick was here to save the day, making a hat trick after 72 minutes and me yelping in delight in the coffee shop embarrassing the wife. With minutes to spare on the car parking we got back just as the game was heading into extra time, which saw McCormick get his fourth and final goal of the game. Few it was intense but great, would have been better to see the game, but it did make my afternoon out better!

My only worry now is that we can keep hold of McCormick, there was chattering in the summer of him going to Middlesbrough (yes Boro that shite team in 16th) I think he will want to stay put especially as we move up the league. Currently sitting in 8th with a GD of 4 aint too bad for us really. We just have to keep striving and keep winning and getting all those clothes.


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Music to Live by – The death of Lou Reed

Considered a musical genius, like many was tortured, by depression, drug addiction and sexual orientation struggles. None of which I find interrupted my like of his wonderful music. In fact I think although the above overshadowed his career somewhat, it’s always going to be his music he is remembered for.

Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground impacted my youth, I wasn’t always as well rounded as I am now, growing up this music seemed to be the epitome of my personal struggles and it influenced my music tastes for the rest of my life. So I paused yesterday, when I heard news of his death (at 71) and wondered how this music had actually impacted my life.

I would have got my Velvet Underground records out, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the record player is buried under a mountain of books. Instead I opened up my Spotify account and reminisced my youth listening to all the songs which featured in poignant moments of my life. I haven’t listened to them for a good while, in fact I haven’t really listened to music for a long time. So it was really nice, relaxing with a scotch (not my usual choice when listening to this music but then I have changed my ways) and thinking back to all those moments in life where music became a crutch that I needed to get through. I’m just glad, life is no longer like that well not for me anyway.

And yes I am ignoring Leeds, loss on Saturday.

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