No Win No Fee

When I see those adverts on TV they do grate on me. Once over if something bad happened to you, you would have to lump it, if you were lucky and someone was found negligent they may face time. But not now, now you are entitled to money. The only reason I mention this is that the other day as the wife was driving to her mother’s (in the rain) she hit a massive pot hole. Now we have all done that but unfortunately it’s knackered up her front axil and her neck.

Now the neck she is living with, mainly because of pain killers but she is annoyed at having to get the car fixed as she wants to sell it and this added pain is costing her money. So I thought after seeing these no win no fee ads that maybe we should try and get the cost back from the council. Anyway I sent a letter off this morning to them stating the damage, where she hit the pot hole, plus I went out in the rain and took a picture, showing how deep it is and how it’s hard to see when it’s wet.

I’m hoping they will just send us a cheque and we don’t have to involve a company to take it on. But I got me thinking, all the time you see in the news about jobs worth councils putting the damper on events citing health and safety and all the rest yet they can’t apply that to fixing pot holes. They are dangerous; in the rain you can’t always see them nor gage how deep they are especially when concentrating on other things such as driving safely. Their rules only seem to apply when wanting to extract money out of businesses or spoiling the public’s fun.

It reminds me when I once went to help out a mate building a conservatory. He had his own business, which was just him. Sometimes he needed help so would employ mates on a cash in hand basis. Back then it was before all this health and safety malarkey and it was a bit of a make do and mend situation with tools oh and there was no safety equipment either. His general rule was you’re a bit of a pussy if you need a hard hat.

Anyway now I would imagine he would be fined left, right and centre, plus picked up by HMRC. Good job he moved to Spain 10 years ago, building houses without planning permission for old British expats. Did I mention what a great guy he was, with such great morals, no ha!

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