Poor bank holiday weekend

Unfortunately the rain kept coming this bank holiday weekend, so the wife and I decided to sort out our paperwork and get our finances in order. I have recently been on a bit of a spending spree so keeping on top of all that wasn’t easy and in the mist of my new car and buying a garden room we just about forgot about the wife’s car and the fact that it needed a MOT, taxing and insuring again for another year.

I’m not too chuffed at having to pay out for the missus car, so will be looking to get a cheap MOT test after all the plan was to get a new one before all this stuff came up, but we just forgot. So once her car is sorted and our finances are sorted then it will be time to go car shopping again, although there is not much chance of me spending as much money on a new car for her as I did for myself!

I was hoping to do some work in the garden but the fact that it kept pissing it down yesterday and that I had a stinking hangover rather put me off, so instead spent the afternoon slobbing out on the sofa, watching football and playing the Xbox, not bad really.

Well with Leeds season now over and a loss for our final game our position and GD really sums up how dire this season has been. Mediocre really from players and manager but nothing a good influx of cash wouldn’t have helped. Unless something changes next season then I fear we will be looking at similar dismal results if not worse.

Also its going to be a bit of a close call for the Premier League both Manc teams level on points only Citeh are ahead on goal difference will laugh if they win just by goal difference cause that will be really annoying for Manure tee hee!

Rainy picture courtesy of Daniel R. Blume

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