Pot Butter

Pot Butter and CannaButter are two different names for the same thing, but you’ll often find that Pot Butter is the more common name out of the two.

Making Pot Butter is pretty easy but since you’re likely to have invested some hard earned cash into this, it’s vital to not make any mistakes or make your Pot butter to weak as you may feel that you’ve wasted your money.

Below is a list of items that you’re going to need to make Pot Butter successfully.
* 22-24 hours spare time
* Weed Grinder
* Measuring Jug
* Mixing Fork or Whisk
* Heavy duty large sandwich bag / cling film
* Cheese straining cloth
* Plastic air tight container suitable for freezing
* Oven Hob
* Sauce Pan with Lid (ideally the same size as hob ring for even heat distribution)
* Large bowl to hold your out butter for mixing and cooling
* Enough room in your refrigerator to cool and separate water from pot butter
* Space In your freezer

You will need to have all of these items within easy reach and preferable out on the side, as you will need them pretty quickly when you’re making your pot butter and the last thing you want to be doing is rooting around in the back of your cupboards for a measuring jug.

My recipe below will make around 350 Grams of a medium strength Pot Butter. I wouldn’t recommend making a weak pot butter mix as you might feel that you’ve wasted your weed. If you want to make it stronger then you will need to alter the amount of pot you put in to the pot butter mix.

It may sound silly but below is a list of ingredients that you’ll need for your pot butter

* 1lbs of Butter preferably unsalted
* 2 Cups of water
* 1oz of pot

Lets get cooking.

Firstly you’ll need to grind your pot up to a very very fine end product, and I mean finer than you would use it if you where smoking it. Whilst you’re doing this you can be bring two cups of water to the boil in your pan with the lid on. Once you’ve got that water boiling add your unsalted butter into the pan and replace the lid.

Then once your butter has melted bring the heat down to a very low setting, this is done so that the pot butter will simmer gently and not boil (if you have an electric hob heat another element to a low setting as this is often quicker). Once the pan is on a gentle simmer add your cannabis into the pan, you’ll now need to mix it all up using a whisk or fork. You don’t want any lumps or bumps and it needs to be mixed evenly with none stuck to the bottom. Once you’ve done this and are happy with your pot butter mix place the lid back on to the pan, and leave on a minimum heat setting.

The pot butter is now ready to simmer for around 22-24 hours, no less no more. The time here is pretty important as it’s required to extract the THC from your finely ground cannabis. Leaving your pot butter to cook for longer will not make it stronger it will reduce the THC and the butter will have a bitter taste to it. During the 24hours cooking period you will need to check on the Pan every few hours, to make sure that it hasn’t reduced to much and that it’s not boiling. If you find it reducing to quickly then adding a couple of tablespoons of water over the 24hour period won’t harm your mix.

Once 24 hours is up, turn the heat off and let your pot butter mix sit for a few minutes.

The next step sounds dangerous and complicated, but once you’ve done it once then it’s a breeze.
Its advisable to wear long sleeves for this bit as the pot put will still be hot and because it’s fatty it will burn quickly.

We are now ready to extract any used cannabis matter from the pot butter that we have in the pan.

You now need to place the cheese cloth over the bowl make sure that the cloth won’t fall into the bowl when you pour the solution over the top. This will strain and separate the used cannabis from the pot butter, once this is complete you’ll have a bowl full of pot butter and a cheese straining cloth full of used cannabis. You can now gather up the used cloth and squeeze any remaining butter out of the used cannabis. The more you can get out the better as this is what you’re after the pot butter not some soggy cannabis.

You now need to place your bowl of pot butter solution in to the refrigerator for a few hours to let it cool, if you can leave it over night this is even better. This part will separate the water and fats. The latter been the pot butter which is what we are after. During the cooling period you’ll be able to see the progress of separation.

Once our pot butter is fully separated from the water and is ready to remove from the refrigerator you need to use your sandwich bag or cling film to handle the solid pot butter if you use the film or bag almost like you would if you where picking up dog poop. Carefully pat dry the slab of pot butter to remove any surface water from it. If you want you can now compress the pot butter slab into more manageable sizes for freezing. It needs to be placed in to the air tight container.

If you keep your pot butter frozen it won’t lose any of its potency or go bad so it’s ideal to have it in smaller chunks instead of defrosting the whole lump constantly.

Your pot but is now ready to use in cookies and any other baked goods.