The Saville Sex Claims

It’s been quite hard to miss this in the news and to be honest I have tried not to comment about it. As it’s a quiet Thursday, I have spent the best part of the morning watching the news and reading it, plus I can’t think of owt else to say I have decided to comment. This is my own opinion and I am not passing judgement.

I am a Leeds lad as you all know, went to London to make my money and came back oop’ North so really this is where my ties are. And as it was for Sir (for now) Jimmy Saville too who was also born in Leeds and when he died he was also laid in state at the Queens hotel (which did creep me out a little).

For anyone in this area there have been rumours for years, in fact I’m pretty sure Yorkshire police had looked into accusations in the past. My mother had never liked the guy but then she didn’t like ostentatious people so growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch his shows, not that I remember caring that much.

I do find it weird that these allegations have come out now that he has died. Not against the victims because they have been trying to get their side heard for years. But that now he has gone and his possessions have been auctioned of and money has been made the media and other authorities are now willing to actually look into this mess.

The things that went on at the BBC which came out first are disgusting. Having worked in London I do know the mentality of some men (I vehemently hated the machismo some of my colleagues had and didn’t undertake myself) so can wholeheartedly believe a lot of the stuff that has been said. I think a full investigation should be undertaken and arrests made just as the Levingston inquiry into BskyB and Murdoch. The BBC as an institution has a lot to answer for, I can believe they were complicit in covering up things; they don’t really have the best reputation. For me we should no longer have to pay for this over privileged institution which has no place in modern television.

Then add to it the number of police forces around the country which also brushed allegations under the carpet and as has been stated today some NHS trusts we should all be truly disgusted that this was allowed to go on.

Now these are my opinions he may have been guilty of these accusations but then he may not have been. To be honest though I smell a huge cover-up as I doubt all these women would have made it all up! Only time will tell and although Jimmy can’t be prosecuted now, those still alive who were involved with helping him and others and those involved in the cover up must face the consequences of their actions.

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Gaming shopping spree

I decided I hadn’t bought any new games for my Xbox for a while, and was getting a bit bored of playing battlefield online (mainly because doleys somewhere who have nothing else to do but play all the time are thrashing me constantly). Anyway Mass Effect 3 came out and as I have played and enjoyed both 1 and 2 I thought that it would be rude not to get the final instalment.

Quick blurb about the game; there has been an all-out invasion of the galaxy launched by an ancient alien race known only as Reapers and they have taken Earth and now the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation. So you (Commander Shepard) are left to stop them, because you are the only one who can do so.

I think you get the most out of this game if you have played the others as it follows on, although it is the final part and if you have enjoyed the story which follows through you may be a little disappointed on the ending. It didn’t bother me too much as I just enjoy killing stuff in most games like this anyway and they just tend to be fill in games for when I am bored.

Technology wise there is nothing amazing about this nothing improved on the previous games but it is still enjoyable. You can play online with other is a so-op multiplayer mode with new missions and you can also choose from a variety of classes and races, form an elite Special Forces squad. There are numerous weapons, powers and abilities which you use to complete the mission all in all pretty good. Although now I’ve completed it I will probably sell it on now.

I also decided to treat the wife to a new Zumba game for the Kinect, she really loves the first one and I am really enjoying the effects on her body so to be kind bought her Zumba Fitness Rush! She had it on this morning and I watched a bit but all the gyrating was distracting so I went for a shower, but what from what I did see there were a few differences from the first. There are more songs now, much better graphics and tracking but that’s to be expected as technology improves and the tutorials are better.

A good part which the wife loves is the progress tracker which you can view your calories burned and total time played on a calendar.

A quick and quiet side mention to the thrashing we got last night we really did get lost in the forest it was shameful. Many papers have been describing us as a Sunday league team and to be honest I agree with them. When we levelled I thought we might have a chance, however that was short lived as our defence opened up and let Nottingham Forest to make it 7 goals to our three. I’m not sure I can fully blame Neil Warnock he has some work to do really the blame as it has been for a while now at the feet of Bates.

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Car Tyres & Pot Butter

Well i had a fairly quite week last week I didn’t manage to make it to the racing due to an unfortunate flat tyre on the car and that turned into a £200 bill as I needed another tyre as well.

You might have seen my page on how to make pot butter, if you haven’t check it out.

These aren’t the sort of things that I’d usually give out but I’m feeling generous today 🙂

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Underfloor Heating !

Yes that’s right, I’ve finally got myself some underfloor heating from Floor Heating Online, I was thinking about what to buy with my lottery winnings all that time ago and I finally got it all sorted.

The hardest bit was planning it and getting the flooring up without causing any major damage.  Fortunately I don’t have any carpets – just bare floorboards, so I just had to carefully pry them up and once I did that laying the underfloor heating cabling was easy.

Once I had put down the cabling I had to connect it up and add in the underfloor insulation – which prevents the heat being lost in the surrounding ground.

It took a lot of work, and I had to buy a special kit that was made just for my room, but after a lot of effort it eventually got finished.

The room seems a lot warmer, so much so that I have actually had to turn my thermostat down a few degrees; I guess that is caused by the improvement in efficiency.

I’ve only done the living room for not, but I intend to get the bathroom sorted with it next, perhaps after that my bedroom too – it’d be great to step out into a warm room with a warm floor and then go into your bathroom and walk on an under tile heated floor.

Toasty 🙂

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Iolite Vaporizer

Today I received a lovely iolite vaporizer , there is only a few niggles that i have with it which are the mouth piece can get quite warm after extended use and that it can be slightly noisy when you’re in a quite location. Apart from that I love it runs on lighter fuel and it fits comfortably in your hand.

If The Sender Doesn’t want the iolite vaporizer back then i think i’ll be sticking it up on eBay to make a few extra pounds

I’ve had 3 yellow tail damsels in the tank for a few months, but the biggest one seems to be picking on the smallest one which isn’t in the best of health and i have seen him chasing my lovely clown fish arghh. I’ve been to my local Fish Retailer today and they’ve said that they will take them off my hands. They are only cheapish fish at £3.99 each and the last thing i want killing is one of my paired clown fish.

When these three fish go from my aquarium I’ll only be left with three a Yellow Tang & a pair of Clown fish. Which is a bit strange when a few weeks ago I had, 3 yellow tail damsels, Bi Colour Blennie, 2 Clowns, Blue Cheek Gobi and a Bi Colour Angel, 3 of these have died.

I’m going to leave it a while before any restocking, and see how it goes with water quality and the lease of life.

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Unseen dangers from not recycling that old ‘phone

There are over 4 billion mobile ‘phone users throughout the world today – that’s about 4 people out of every 6 living on this planet and owning a mobile ‘phone, subscribed to a mobile phone contract, or living with someone who owns a mobile phone, now that’s a lot of mobile ‘phones! What happens to all those ‘phones, we know that not all of them are in use as with many network providers, new ‘phones are sent out like Smarties and a children’s party! Like a lot of things in this life, they will probably be pushed into a drawer and eventually get thrown in the bin with other items in our consumerist society.

But there are good reasons why you should recycle your old ‘phone not least of which are the hidden dangers of not doing so. When you consider the sheer number of mobile ‘phones being dumped to our landfills every year,  mobile ‘phones contain antimony, arsenic, copper, cadmium, lead, and zinc which thinking about it is quite real and alarming. It is believed that around 105 of mobile ‘phone users simply throw them away when they are given an upgrade or they are just tired of it! If this is true than we have a situation where millions of mobile ‘phones could be rotting in landfill and potentially leaking dangerous chemicals into our water systems and millions more in drawers gathering dust waiting to be thrown away.

When you receive your upgrade, buy a new mobile or get tired of your old mobile, give it to a family member, friend or use a cash for mobile service. Don’t just discard it or worse throw it in the bin. Why not recycle your ‘phone if no one loves it and get cash for doing so, you will be a bit better off and you will be helping to save the planet from those nasty chemicals.


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