Buying from eBay

I must admit I am still a little hesitant when buying from eBay, even after all these years and many, many transactions. I mean some sellers I do feel comfortable buying from, you know those with thousands of sales, but smaller individual sellers or new sellers, leave me feeling a little nervous.

Nikon D7100I was looking or some second had photography kits, including some lights, a light sensor and a couple light boxes for a project I am playing with. I found pretty much what I was looking for at a great price, but it was from an individual seller, obviously just selling unwanted items of their won. So their selling history was pretty limited.

Postage wasn’t too expensive although there wasn’t much information about what type of eBay courier they were planning on using. As some of the equipment is quite fragile I want to ensure that the kit will get to me in good condition. And some couriers in my experience well; they don’t understand the meaning of the word fragile!

Anyway my PayPal payment went through yesterday and hopefully my stuff will be dispatched. Just have to wait and see, fingers crossed it’s in good condition and that I bought the right thing! Now football won’t be taking up my weekends I have decided to get more use out of my digital camera and have a good practice. There is so much I have to learn yet and I don’t want to just focus on landscapes, hence the light box. Anyway I will let you know how I get on.


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Holiday Shopping

I very kindly took the wife to Leeds so she could buy some holiday clothes, Trinity shopping centre has only just opened and it was stupidly busy, I hated it, but obviously the wife loved it. My credit card got a right thrashing, but I did get some stuff for myself.

I must say I did much prefer shopping undercover now in Leeds, although it wasn’t raining it was a lot more sheltered although a breeze still runs through. But I did feel really crowded I don’t know whether that was because it was the weekend and so busy or because the walkways are narrower.

Because I was busy shopping in Leeds, I didn’t see Leeds get beat away by Charlton, they now go above us as we slide further down. We are currently still managerless and the fact that Warnock left still smarts many of the fans who feel like he just abandoned us because he couldn’t get us into the playoffs and promoted. I know he said he would leave if he didn’t achieve that but he could have stayed till the end of the season.

We are now floundering and we could go into the relegation area if we don’t win any more games. And judging by our past runs when we had a manager, it is quite possible. Next Saturday we are at home hosting Sheffield Wednesday another team below us and not a team we can afford to lose points to at this stage.

Just one last note, tomorrow night sees a Manchester Derby, as a Leeds fan I don’t really care who wins as I don’t like either of those teams. But Currently Manure are sat 15 points clear of Citeh and if Manure win that will take them 18 points clear. That been said even if Citeh beat Manure, they won’t catch them in the remaining games.

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Gift buying and Pancakes

I was stuck at what to get my nephew for his birthday. He is at university and we don’t see him that much but I do like to send on presents every now and then. My nephew is on my wife’s side, but she doesn’t really have a clue what to buy an adolescent teenage boy so she leaves it up to me. Normally game vouchers and CD’s would suffice, but he uses free online media outlets and second hand games now well when he is not studying.

I checked out Firebox and I Want One of Those but to be fair a lot of it just seemed like tat. Then a light bulb went off in my head. I remembered a photo, my mother in law proudly showed off at Christmas of my nephew and I remember thinking what a scruff he is. Tatty clothes ill-fitting jeans and scruffy shoes; the little bugger obviously needs some new clothes, unless he is purposefully going for the hobo look.

Anyway I am not up on clothes or fashion and the missus has no idea about young boy fashion (that sounds wrong). So I had to firstly find out what websites are hip for clothes shopping and then educate myself on some modern brands. Apparently Levis and Wrangler are still cool and the rest well, it was an education. To be fair I am a fan of slogan tees, had a fair few in the eighties and I found Beck & Hersey online which had some cool tees and sweaters they had funky graphics on them and stand out quite a lot. I think my nephew would like them as he is into hip hop style despite being a skinny white kid!

Today is also Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day for all you non-believers. I’m sure many like me don’t believe in this god stuff but do quiet enjoy things like Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and Easter. Having said that Christmas was originally a Pagan festival so maybe can count that out. The perk of Easter is a nice long bank holiday oh and chocolate. Pancake Day is one of my favourites; I love pancakes and stuff myself silly with them. Although I don’t know why we only end up having them once a year there is no rule stating that you can’t have them at any other time.

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Jobs for Christmas

I may get out shopping on the Christmas present front, but unfortunately because we have family coming round to ours for Christmas, I have some DIY jobs to do which the wife spent the past week nagging at me to do. So this weekend I was busy doing that, and not really having any fun on my Xbox, plus she banned me from the pub till I finished, slave driver!

Anyway the random jobs weren’t too hard, replacing some spot lights in the bathroom, it has been a bit dark in there recently, should have done that really when I fitted a new extractor fan, but I forget, did get used to it been dark in there.

Putting up a new curtain pole and hanging the new curtains which she actually bought a month ago, I just haven’t been arsed to do it and the wife couldn’t get to the ladders to do it herself (note for future reference leave ladders in easily accessible place, wife more likely to do it herself then). At least now the curtains in the living room match the sofa, the old patterned ones didn’t.

Oh and I got to sort out the kitchen tiles which were coming lose, that would be my original bodge job, note second bodge job done to re attach some of them. One day the wife will realise it’s probably better getting a professional in or just someone better than me to do these kinds of things.

So the house looks a little bit more respectable, ready for the invasion of my family. Which look like they will be treated like royalty? The wife seems to think it’s necessary to go all out for my mum and partner god knows why my mum barely bothered herself when I was young! Anyway saw that she even bought them a bloody expensive hamper from Waitrose, honestly the woman won’t be grateful, even Tesco’s is too posh for her, a Poundland hamper would have been more suitable!

Finally we got a win, how long has it been? In good old Leeds fashion, they mark their takeover with a win, good show for their new investors! We also ended Crystal Palace 14 game unbeaten run ha! We defiantly put on a better performance than we have in a while plus managed not to get anyone sent off! We had a two nil lead until the 85th minute, but luckily stopped Crystal Palace scoring again to secure the much needed win.

Tomorrow night we are at home again and will be hosting Leicester they are currently third, but buoyed by the weekends win against second place Palace we could have the confidence to get another win!

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Remembering on Remembrance Sunday

We went to watch a parade of remembrance through our town, and watch poppy’s being laid. Although it can be a sombre atmosphere it’s the only time you get a good turnout of local people. Afterwards a couple of us went to the pub and some of the guys that have served themselves in the army regaled stories of their tours. There were some sad stories but also a lot of fun ones which highlights the comradery during the hard times. Anyway afterwards I didn’t feel much like playing any war type games on my Xbox so instead I chilled out and used one of my bongs.

My thoughts are now turning to Christmas, although the wife is in charge of organising everything I still have to get her a gift, plus this year she has decided I have to buy my brother a gift, because she has run out of ideas. I have never had an idea of what to get him; since we have been married she has sorted out his gifts. So here begins my (probable futile) gift search.

My brother is pretty much the polar opposite to me, obviously he likes men I like women. He has style I do not. He is very creative, I am not. He likes being healthy, I do not and only have to be because the wife makes me. He has a keen interest in the arts, which bores me to tears. He doesn’t own an Xbox, I have 2! There is probably a lot more but I am already bored of thinking about them. But as you can guess me finding the right gift for him will be most challenging.

Finding a gift for my wife however isn’t. Shoes, a handbag or jewellery would be an instant hit. My credit card in a box for her to have free reign over would be the best gift ever (obviously I’m not stupid enough to give her that!) As with all women though, as much as they say they want to be surprised in reality they prefer final say over their own gift, just in case!

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TV viewing and shopping

So Boardwalk Empire is back on TV, EP 2 is on tonight so I am quite looking forward to that. Last week’s season premier didn’t focus on too much which had gone on previously, i.e. Jimmy’s death instead it was all about moving forward. Things aren’t going well for Nucky and Margaret on the surface they are the happy couple but beneath they pretty much hate each other and Nucky is back to getting his kicks from showgirls. I am back to being gripped again by this TV drama and they leave the episode on a cliff hanger of sorts, will defiantly be tuning in tonight. I am just so glad autumn TV is back on and can catch up with my old favourites, NCIS, NICIS Los Angeles, Walking Dead and Blue Bloods, plus many more!

I went out and bought some new trainers today; my Nikes which I bought a couple of months ago are a suede like canvas so when it rains they really aren’t suitable so I thought I should have some leather ones. I didn’t want anything too ostentatious nothing with a massive brand on the side, I opted for a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Leather Trainers. As you can see they are leather with a small bit of suede down the front, but I like the line pattern on the side. They should be fine for casual wear and okay if I get caught out in a shower, which was my main reason for buying some more trainers.

Tomorrow the wife and I are going to go for a drive and a good pub Sunday lunch. The weather has to be fine, although chilly. We need to make the most of getting out whilst it’s dry! Not 100% sure on where to go yet, not too far away though, although I do love driving my car!

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