The task of the weekend – Washing a Car

Washing car by handIt’s one of those jobs, you can’t quite be arsed to do, like DIY, but you know it needs doing. Washing a car isn’t the most fun job but it needs to be done. I don’t like using car washes and the hand wash services offered by the dodgy Eastern Europeans near us doesn’t really do a good job, not for the price. So I do actually have to clean my own car.

This weekend I had the choice of going shopping with the wife or staying at home and doing something ‘productive’ (what she said) so after she told me playing and completing a game on the Xbox wasn’t productive, I thought I best clean my car.

To be fair it wasn’t filthy per say rather just covered in dead bugs and a bit too much blood at the bottom (hit a small animal) from the many road trips we took this summer. Anyway here are some of my tips for washing the car:

– Always rinse of the dust and dirt, never wipe it off with a dry cloth, it will scratch your car. If you have access to a hose you can use this, if not a watering can will suffice, even if it does take longer.

– Use lukewarm water rather than hot, and use a sponge or cotton cloth to clean the car. For the alloys I use an old dish brush as it gets in between my spokes.

– Use a gentle car shampoo made specifically for cars, do not use household detergent it can be abrasive.

– Follow the contour of the car rather than cleaning in circles to avoid circular webby scratches. Don’t press down too hard either and always rinse your cloth to avoid scratches.

– Dry off with a microfiber mitt, like this one. I find them much better to use, I always used a chamois leather, but I found the mitts to be so much better and they also can be washed. I find they last longer and are more affordable.

I do like to take pride in my car, I should bloody cost me a fortune it’s just sometimes it’s hard to be arsed to clean it!! Although still beats going shopping with the wife.

Image courtesy of Vic


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