Tips on Cleaning your Car

After been out last weekend up and down the motorway and dust country roads my car is a bit of a mess, plus add to that birds use it as their toilet it could do with a good clean. For a change we have had good weather so this morning I got out in the sunshine and gave it a good clean.
Unfortunately after shampooing my car I realised I didn’t have any wax (it’s been a while since I cleaned it so I had forgotten I had run out). So I scoured the internet on tips to what else I could use (shampoo BTW).


So if like me you forgot to buy ore wax or are tight fisted, then shampoo is a good substitute as it leaves a nice shine and also repels rain. However I doubt it has the same protective qualities as car wax.

Fizzy pop

Apparently fizzy pop is good to get rid of the dry grime and residue built up when it’s dry which causes streaks. All you have to do is put a towel across the bottom of screen to protect your car then pour over the glass. The pop will fizz away all the dirt. Just make sure you wash off the fizzy pop thoroughly.

Window Cleaner

You can use window cleaner to polish your lights. Ideal if your car like mine has a lot of glass covering the lights. Squirt and give it a good rub (Ssh… those with dirty minds).

Window wipers

You can use a solution to keep your wiper blades clean. Mix 1/4 cup household ammonia to 1 quart cold water and wipe your blades with a cloth soaked in the solution (gloves are needed). Then wipe them with a clean cloth to dry. You can also use the same solution on your windscreen to, if you don’t want to use the pop.

Don’t air dry

Always use a cloth or chamois to dry your car rather than let it air dry, otherwise you will get water marks left and any dust around could dry on it.


My own personal tip; I find using an old washing up brush is best for cleaning wheels, it can get right into the alloys and easy to get the grime off before blasting with the hose.

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