Weekend in the sun!

I have had a busy weekend this weekend, with the good weather to the end of last week I have been out in the garden, tidying and planting a few plants as well as sorting out a small vegetable plot. On Saturday the wife and I were able to get out our garden furniture and sit out for a bit on our decking. We didn’t get to enjoy it that much last year, thanks to a rubbish summer, so it was nice to be able to sit out and see the house and garden from a different perspective.

Saturday afternoon/evening saw the guys and I celebrating Leeds win over Millwall, we only won 1-0 but it was good enough, my mate Keith went to the game, said the atmosphere from the Leeds Fans was fantastic, not so much Millwall as hardly any turned up! We do need to be getting more goals in though, Saturdays only goal came from a penalty and although any goal is good would have like to see us strike some in the net. We had quite a few shots and more on target than Milwall, but nothing was converted. Next time hopefully. Speaking of next time we face Leicester on Tuesday (away) and then away again on Saturday down to Crystal Palace. We really need to build on points and goals if we are going to get into the playoffs. However I won’t be holding my breath!

On Sunday I had a day of rest which meant catching up playing Crysis 3, a review of which I will put on in a day or so. I also watched the Tottenham Arsenal game, the first half was actually quite boring, apart from the two Tottenham goals being scored. The reason I thought it was boring, was that Arsenal didn’t seem to show up. Defence was poor not marking very well nor keeping up with the pace of Bale and Lennon. There were only two minutes between both goals and Arsenal I think had dozed off at that point! After the break, and probably a massive bollocking from an anxious Wenger, Arsenal found some more pace and the ability to defend

The second half was much better, end to end, unfortunately injury scuppered Tottenham at times with Adebayor being stretchered off. In the end Arsenal only got one goal back from Mertesacker, but one thing for sure, they are missing something. Oh Yeah RVP! Anyway Tottenham move above Chelsea into third which is pretty good, you never know if Bale keeps on his scoring streak Tottenham could catch up Citeh. Anyway you can catch some Wenger mumblings on the defeat here on the BBC.

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